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Enabling HTTPS with cert-manager

This section briefly describes how to set up HTTPS for Smilr, using cert-manager and certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt
The information and configs are based on information taken from the Azure docs


Change the email address in the issuer.*.yaml files, you can use any valid email address, just not mine!


  1. Install cert-manager. Follow these steps

  2. Install the cert issuers
    kubectl apply -f issuer-staging.yaml
    kubectl apply -f issuer-prod.yaml
  3. Deploy Smilr using ingress using the configs found in kubernetes/advanced and use the ingress-https.yaml

  4. The certificate might take a little while to validate and be issued the first time


We deploy two issuers, one for Let’s Encrypt staging and one for production. The rate limits on Let’s Encrypt production are extremely restrictive, so only switch to the prod issuer when you are happy you won’t be making many changes or requests