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Azure Pipelines

Pipeline definitions

These are a set of CI/CD pipeline definitions for use with Azure DevOps Pipelines to automatically build and deploy Smilr

The contents of the azure\pipelines directory are:

Filename Purpose Trigger
build.yml Build both frontend and data API as container images. Push tags latest & {build-id} to Azure Container Registry CI triggered by any push to master branch. PR builds will run but only unit tests
deploy-aci.yml Deploys to Azure Container Instances in test/staging/prod environments with functional tests at each stage Scheduled at completion of build.yml
deploy-aks.yml Deployment only. Deploys to Kubernetes AKS using Helm in test/staging/prod namespaces with functional tests at each stage Manually triggered
tag-stable.yml Updates the image tags, and re-tags latest as stable, pushes stable to ACR and also pushes latest and stable to public Dockerhub Manually triggered
build-windows.yml Builds Windows containers versions of the frontend and data API. Both “2016 LTS” and “1809” versions are built. All images are pushed to both ACR and Dockerhub Manually triggered